Networkmanager-dmenu configuration help with a vpn

I had not used dmenu or rofi until recently upon installing archlabs. I use a vpn and select the vpn location using the networkmanager plugin networkmanager-openvpn. I had used nm-applet in the systray to select the location. The vpn provider has 30+ location choices and when networkmanager-dmenu was used with a polybar internet module, example:

"%{A3:python /usr/bin/networkmanager_dmenu & disown:}

I could not access all the choices when scollling down, the curser would simply disappear below the screen. But, if you open the config file:

/home/<your user name>/.config/networkmanager-dmenu/config.ini

in geany and add

-l <number of lines desired> -columns <number of columns desired> 

Worked like charm. For me the config.ini appears:

dmenu_command = rofi -l 20 -columns 3 -width 70 -location 2 -font "Ubuntu Light 10"
# -password = hide input characters

terminal = termite
gui_if_available = True

Hope this helps anyone not that familiar with dmenu/rofi experiencing a simliar issue.



Nice! Thanks for the share.

Damn I didnt even know, just assumed it would scroll :stuck_out_tongue:

Also helpful, if you know the name (or close) of the connection, typing will narrow down the list

Thanks for the heads up