Networkmanager_dmenu - b43

So on install my b43 driver was autodetected and all went well. Now that i’m in AL…

The network manager icon in polybar shows me trying to connect but I am connected. I can ping and run pacman. But the al-helo script wont run, say’s I need a network connection though I have one.

So I need to run al-helo and I would like the icon to show I’m connected…any help?


What do you get when running?

ping -c1

One thing that comes to mind is try

pacman -S iputils

Then try to ping again

From the Arch wiki on network configuration

Note: If you receive an error like ping: icmp open socket: Operation not permitted when executing ping, try to re-install the iputils package.

Failing this, I’m not sure, we can do some different attempts