Network connections when system idle

I’ve installed the distro in past week on a spare machine. Have to say I really like the interface.

However the machine with Archlabs loaded is the most “active” on the home network by a factor of 10.
System is continually (about every requesting DNS information for

  1. … a connections is being opened every 9 seconds
  2. … a connections is being opened every 9 seconds

In total I’m logging at least 30,000 requests to access Internet from this machine every 24 hours.

When I get a little time - I’ll try figure out what is causing this, but for now Ive just disconnected machine from network. Can anyone assist or point me in the correct direction so I can try figure what is going on ?

The pacli module on the default polybar would be my first guess. It should check for updates when you log in, I think those sites are checked. Don’t know why it would keep checking every 9 seconds.

Interesting. How do you display the information about the most active requests?

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I think Wireshark can do that, but I’m curious to know just how it’s done, too.


I discovered this looked at the DNS server for the House. I have a raspberry pi running Pi-hole which provides DNS to devices on the LAN and filters out addresses for Ad networks so that all devices at home phones, tablets, pcs can enjoy advertisment free web browsing. Pihole has a web interface which shows the top domains and top clients. The archlabs distro is by far the “top client” on my home newtork by a factor of 10. I was logging about 19200 DNS requests per day from the archlab system, while it was just sitting powered on and idle and I was not accessing internet though a user app. I examined the DNS logs for the client and can see the requests arriveng in every 9 seconds.