Better some blues than Netflix right ! lol

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I’m about >_< far away from cancelling Netflix. Their Netflix branded movies are insipid and their offering in NZ is just a joke.

That sux, it must also cost a fortune.

I think its about $21NZD per month. If I want anything I’ll pay for it. I just need to convince my sons :smiley:

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Had Netflix years back in Canada and did not care for it at all. Watched all the shows I wanted to see and kicked them to the curb. Not sure if they have improve or not as no one seems to talk about them.


In PL movies in English are being read by a lector. The problem starts when the lector is fucking bad and loud.

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I thought I’d move this to a new topic.

Yeah that would be annoying as hell.

NZ Netflix has not a lot that is new, I really dislike the trend of the Netflix branded movies, there is nothing of worth to watch. The more I talk about it, the more I want to drop Netflix.

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LOL, I watched some in our early Netflix days. The problem is: whatever I liked, was cancelled after the 1st season. :rofl:

I’m curious what the second season of The Witcher is going to look like. The first one was quite disappointing and far from the book.

I struggled to stay entertained. I want more True Detective seasons.

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Whoever didn’t read the book, had no chance.

For me the worst book to movie adaptation is the recent The Dark Tower. What a complete abortion.

In my whole life I was satisfied with only one film adaptation of the book - “The Lord of the Rings”. Even though it omitted many important threads.

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Lord of the Rings in my mind is near perfect. They are three of my all time favourite movies ever. Yep, they missed out a few things but generally the movies are utterly incredible.


In contrary to the Hobbit, which last part I didn’t care to watch.

I like the Hobbit movies and there is a lot to like about them but I prefer LOTR by a long shot.

The Hobbit should have been one maybe 2 - 2 1/2 hour moves max. Plus the added shit with whats her name as the female Elf and the love story should not have been added. It took too much away from the movies.

This pissed me off most.

Hahaha me too, my eldest boy who is a MASSIVE Lord of the Rings fan refuses to watch the movies anymore. They annoyed him that much.

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It’s going to be like i3, you’ll still go back to it. I bet this thread gets bumped if Dune is released on it.

Dune will be purchased on a BluRay. I intend to add that one to my physical library.

P.S., I haven’t said I will cancel it just that I am tempted to …

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The books were insanely good.

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