Neofetch image not shown

Hi all,

Just recently installed archlabs and setup bspwm, termite and fish.
Before using bspwm and fish, I ran neofetch once in openbox and I could see the logo image but after setting up fish I cannot see the logo. I even disabled the transparency in termite. On a side note I can see the image in urxvt and st.
Any idea what is causing this?


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The image in neofetch is kind of iffy - it never shows in st on my systems, but works for you.

Sometimes I have to clear the cache for the image to appear. There’s a neofetch command for that, the thumbnails are stored in;


if you want to delete them manually.


Neofetch always works best in URXVT for me, it doesn’t like st which is my current terminal.


Yeah it’s very picky with terminals. It works fine with Termite for me and URxvt, but everything else is messed up. That’s one of the reasons I have stopped using it.

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Seems like urxvt is the only one that plays (reliably)well with it.

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Termite - Yes

Sakura - Forget about it.

xfce4-Terminal - Occasionally when it’s in the mood or upon the 6th Monday of every month.

xterm - yes
sakura - hit and miss on my systems.
st - mostly miss

Always miss over here.


True, in st terminal the image just flickers on my systems then it’s gone. Sakura is mostly miss.

with kitty

in neofetch config


without ueberzug & w3m installed

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