Need 2017-12 version

I am new to arch lab. I tried 2018-07 version but after successfully installing, failed to boot. Then I installed an old version (2017-10) found on the sourceforge. It worked fine. So I was wondering if anyone can share link of 2017-12 so I can try that version because 2018-03 also gave me the same error after installation.
Thank you very much

Everytime i reboot my laptop after installation i got stuck on this screen

not sure if you can see the image

Did you make any specific change ? It looks like some parts of the system don’t mount or aren’t even installed.
The latest ISO worked fine for me

Yes, same here. After a i crashed my system, i tried to install 2018.07 and 2018.03. for me there is no way to install AL. I got the same screen as in your picture + Eli Schwartz key is unknown trust etc… I tried to refresh and populate the keys and chroot etc. Nothing helped. As Dobbie says in another thread here, we have to wait for the new release of Archlabs. It is coming soon.

@anon52460207 Yep and it is not a problem for me too wait. I know that Smoke is working f… hard on the new release. Iam an AL addict and can wait. Because i know the result will be a perfect one. Till i crashed my system and cant install the AL via the old isos, i tried some other Distros. (Void, Arco, Arch Anywhere, Swag, Manjaro etc), but i have to say, they are not my cup of tea. Why? I dont feel home. I miss the smoothness, the perfect workflow( for me) and so on. I will wait with pleasure!!


Yes I realized that some parts in 2018 isos are not getting installed on my system, but 2017-10 worked fine. Thats why asked if anyone can share the download link for 2017-12 version?

Yeah, my friend has the same error on a laptop with intel. He’s gonna go with Arch and Openbox for the moment.

direct download


Thx for helping out the op, you re the man @ector

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Hey guys @DACOIT @subjunkie, my friend got his AL running. I didn’t know he had mbr, so he changed it and now it’s running.

But I dont believe it has anything to do with mbr because i installed 2017 version and it worked fine

I had problems installing in mbr too, that’s why I had to change, but I don’t remeber if it was the same error I got.

So you change mbr to gpt???

Exactly! is part of the libutil-linux package, possibly are old packages, removed, altered or added, between July and December much can happen in the world Arch … hahaha … when this happens until the order of installation or update of some packages can change. :grin:


Hey arcandres did you change partitioning on your hardrive or on the bootable usb???

Plus totally agree with rogers because opder versions of al are working fine, the problems are the 2018 isos. So I also beleive some packages/lib are down.

Both, we used rufus to create the live usb in gpt with dd mode. After we changed the partition table to gpt, and is working… just a minor problem with updates about pgp keys but I remember reading the solution in here.

Any1 tried the 2018.12 yet

I am - did a clean install earlier. No issues thus far after 12 hours of uptime and operation.

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