Namib Linux

Namib Linux is YaABD (Yet another Arch Based Distro) that I installed this weekend – going with their Mate version. What is Namib?

Namib Linux Homepage

They say:

Namib is a user-friendly and open-source Linux distribution. It provides all the benefits of cutting edge software combined with a focus on user-friendliness and accessibility, making it suitable for newcomers as well as experienced Linux users. A simplifed, user-friendly installation process. Pre-installed graphical applications to easily install software and update your system. Pre-installed codecs to play multimedia files. Automatic installation of the necessary software for your hardware (e.g. graphics drivers). Support for the easy installation and use of multiple kernels.

I’ve not used Mate before and true enough the install was painless, with a good selection of software and no out of the box configuration issues. Everything worked with my installed hardware. Basically an easy-peasy way to install Arch Linux with a GUI software manager .

Base Install Desktop:

Tweaked a bit:

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I quite like MATE. Might check this out,

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Hmmm, interesting I think I might give it a spin. Yes, you guys are hours ahead of me, sometimes the posts doesn’t show up until the cows have come in from the pasture. :neutral_face:


Holy :cow: ! And here I thought I was the late bird … :sweat_smile:

Whoa! It appears I’m in the shadow of everything @Dobbie03 already did. :astonished:

It’s one of the pros of being a Future Dweller.

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