My quest for package removal


Looks like I had far less than I first imagined…
EDIT: Ran Aura fetch (nice little app btw).



I’m currently at 1281, not much more I can remove really.


Glad you like it! Although I see the terminal is broken for you too. I’m going to update that function soon.


What are the odds?

similar but not identical setup.


Sub 900 - barely - on the desktop (no oomox or inkscape) -


Good effort! Is that a falcon, if so, what kind?


Peregrine falcon.


That was my first thought, but didn’t want to assume. Looks majestic!

  1. Can’t wait to remove all the stuff from school I won’t ever need


That’s not too bad at all!

  1. I think that is it.



Lucky 7’s! Do I win a prize? :wink:


Kind of lean right @LionessAlana !


What can I say? I like my systems lean and mean :slight_smile:


You bet @LionessAlana


Yes, you do.

I have been waiting the longest time to use this.



The 2018.11.30 testing version is much leaner, and even more so after I did some tinkering around on my system. :smiley:


@LionessAlana Only 647? Amazing. I like the look of alacritty. I’d like to try it today


It’s a very nice terminal! It’s GPU accelerated, which is nice.


1084 at the moment. Maybe my last screenshot with Xterm-termite