My i3 Bar Conky

Ok so this is something i found on i3 main website and made it my own, first you should get familiar with below link before using this conky.

My i3 bar conky

wrapper script:

# Send the header so that i3bar knows we want to use JSON:
echo '{"version":1}'

# Begin the endless array.
echo '['

# We send an empty first array of blocks to make the loop simpler:
echo '[],'

# Now send blocks with information forever:
exec conky -c $HOME/.config/conky/i3bar.conky.conf

i3bar.conky.conf using font awesome unicode glyphs

conky.config = {
    out_to_x = false,
    own_window = false,
    out_to_console = true,
    background = false,
    max_text_width = 0,

    -- Update interval in seconds
    update_interval = 2.0,

    -- This is the number of times Conky will update before quitting.
    -- Set to zero to run forever.
    total_run_times = 0,

    -- Shortens units to a single character (kiB->k, GiB->G, etc.). Default is off.
    short_units = true,

    -- How strict should if_up be when testing an interface for being up?
    -- The value is one of up, link or address, to check for the interface
    -- being solely up, being up and having link or being up, having link
    -- and an assigned IP address. 
    if_up_strictness = 'address',

    -- Add spaces to keep things from moving about?  This only affects certain objects.
    -- use_spacer should have an argument of left, right, or none
    use_spacer = 'left',

    -- Force UTF8? note that UTF8 support required XFT
    override_utf8_locale = false,

    -- number of cpu samples to average
    -- set to 1 to disable averaging
    cpu_avg_samples = 2,

conky.text = [[
    { "full_text": "${font FontAwesome:size=10} Mocp: ${moc_title}" , "color": "\#B7E0E2" }, 
    { "full_text": "${font FontAwesome:size=10} ${hwmon 1 temp 1}°C" , "color": "\#B7E0E2" },
    { "full_text": "${font FontAwesome:size=10}  ${execpi 10 hddtemp -n /dev/sda}°C" , "color": "\#B7E0E2" },
    { "full_text": "${font FontAwesome:size=10} ${fs_used_perc /}%" , "color": "\#B7E0E2" },
    { "full_text": "${font FontAwesome:size=10} ${fs_used_perc /home}%" , "color": "\#B7E0E2" },
    { "full_text": "${font FontAwesome:size=10} ${cpu cpu0}%" , "color": "\#B7E0E2" },
    { "full_text": "${font FontAwesome:size=10} $memperc% ($mem)" , "color": "\#B7E0E2" },
    { "full_text": "${font FontAwesome:size=10} ${totaldown wlp7s0b1}" , "color": "\#B7E0E2" },
    { "full_text": "${font FontAwesome:size=10} ${totalup wlp7s0b1}" , "color": "\#B7E0E2" },
    { "full_text": "${font FontAwesome:size=10} ${time %d/%m - %R} " , "color": ${if_match ${memperc}<90}"\#B7E0E2"${else}"\#ff0000"${endif} }

Great looking i3 BarConky in there @s7l . Keep up the great work.

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I find this forum difficult to use the code tags. Not very intuitive imo

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Always had issues with it, always think it s on my end.

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Maybe i need to use a different theme for the forum as the code tags seem to blend with the background. Its just glitchy too.

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Found the dark theme interface. Much better now… :slight_smile:

That s great

It suppports full markdown, so you can wrap inline code with ` (backtick/grave) like this and code blocks by using triple backticks on their own line
code block

like this

You can use > at the beginning of the line for quotes, quotes also support nesting of other styles

like this

nested code block

nested quote

Hope that helps a bit, you can also find good markdown cheatsheets out there, just know github markdown is not standard, they have their own abomination of the spec so some things that work there wont work on with standard markdown.


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This is all you need to do, nothing glitchy at all. :smiley:

@natemaia a, thanks for that i didn’t realise it was based on markdown. Im familiar with markdown so that will be handy.

@Dobbie03 glitchiness was on my end i suppose, i was highlighting the code area but the #!/bin/bash kept getting missed after 3 attempts i just left it.

If you use the code button it doesn’t show any markdown or bbcode or whatever, should it? It does if you manually edit in the markdown but not the code tag button?

I don’t bother with the buttons for code or anything like that, best just to use markdown,

Here is a link to a cheat sheet

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@Dobbie03 cheers, thanks for that.

Here is a nice addition for keeping an eye on how many days have passed since your last arch update.

  1. the line to put in the conky for i3 bar conky.
{ "full_text": "${font FontAwesome:size=10} ${execp $HOME/.config/conky/scripts/pacudate}ays" , "color": "\#B7E0E2" },
  1. The script, i put this in $HOME/.config/conky/scripts/

I call it pacudate

i=$(($(date +%s) - $(date -r /var/log/pacman.log +%s)))
((days=i/86400, i-=days*86400,))
printf "%dd" $days

Days? I updated 3 times yesterday. :smiley:

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You can add in hours and minutes, i nicked from the arch forum. :grin:

I update once a week maybe longer maybe shorter. I hold back kernel updates as im on old hardware and there is no need for it imo.

i=$(($(date +%s) - $(date -r /var/log/pacman.log +%s)))
((days=i/86400, i-=days*86400, hrs=i/3600, i-=hrs*3600, min=i/60, i-=min*60, sec=i))
printf "%dd %02dh %02dm %02ds" $days $hrs $min $sec
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J/K. I use a tint2 icon. :slight_smile: