My Boy's first song release

Hey Dudes

My eldest just released his first song. It’s not what you would call every day listening and it is more of an experiment on his part.
I’d really appreciate it if you could show him some support and give it a listen or follow him on Bandcamp.

If you really like it, maybe you could purchase it? Would make for good background music when playing Baldur’s Gate!

I’m really proud of this kid, following his dream. I hope it turns out how he has envisioned it.


Downloaded already and playing on me phone now :japanese_ogre::sunglasses:


He have a band, or is he playing all the music himself?

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It s a little bit too heavy for me , but nicely done !

Congrats to your son !

But guess that it was the same for my parents when we played our things at home then !


I remember when I wrote my first song as a kid, I hated it. It’s not easy to write something you have in your head, and then be happy with it at first, so encouraging your son by just being happy for accomplishing his first song is huge to him, hats off to the both of you. Writers have to write, artists need to create, painters need to paint, sculptors need to sculpt, developers need to develop. The first song is a major hump to get over, just keep writing more of them. Write one every day, they don’t have to be a magnum opus, just a sketch of an idea that eventually will lead to one.

Nicely done. Now he can work on the next one.


Thank you!

By himself. This was a project for his music studies and he made it all using midi.

Thank you :smiley:

Exactly, thanks :smiley:

I know this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but I’m pretty proud of the kid.


There are all sorts of brews of tea, from Gorguts (??) to a bitches brew of Miles Davis.

I just wanted to post the word Gorguts here lulz

Hey man, we all share your pride in him as well.

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I love me some Gorguts.

That’s what I love about you guys.

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It`s too overproduced. Commercial crap. :wink:

Seriously: Nice dark atmosphere.
If I had a credit card, I would buy it and I would use it as ringtone for my phone.

What comes to my mind is that the song would fit well as an intro/outro for Gravesend’s first album.

Jakob would be horrified if that’s what you actually thought! :smiley:

He’ll be chuffed to hear that.

Don’t think I have heard them.

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This speaks for your son.

You know, that this was a joke. :slight_smile:

My absolute favorite album.

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I knew that :smiley:

I shall aqcuire their albums and have a listen.

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Not exactly my style but interesting. I have been listening to Nordic (Viking)/ Baltic Pagan styled music that he might find worthwhile (from a music history perspective). Here are some links:


Oh damn I enjoyed it!! :metal:

Surprisingly good for a first song, I listen to these instrumental metal style all the f… time, and I think the boy has something different to bring to the table and talent IMHO. I’m sold! :sunglasses:


So good to hear.

I think so too, though I am biased. :smiley: With maturity will come progression. No doubt we will see something epic from him.


Atmospheric, eerie, surprisingly cool. Would be great a great soundtrack to some weird Gothic short film.

Tell your eldest to keep up the good work. :slight_smile:

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Epic. The kid’s talented. Let him fly. One day, you will be surprised.

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One never knows.

I love it! Fantastic work :slight_smile:

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Seriously though, listened again. It’s actually a catchy tune. Your son has real talent.