I’ve MX on my machine also. I’m not much of a Debian fan, but MX isn’t too bad… :thinking:

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MX rocks! And Antix doubles it!..

I think I will try the Antix beta soon…
What wm do you use?

I am using JWM
To tell all the truth, I don’t use that laptop often. so maybe other WM suits better, just too lazy to check

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MX is very nice indeed, they do some good work.

The Liquorix kernel has the same configuration options as linux-zen.

Loved MX years ago when I had it installed , maybe I ll check it out again one of these days.

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I know people are dying to hear this… I also like both antiX & MX. I am most surprised that I enjoy two Debian distros as much as I do. btw. I’m running bspwm on one MX & one antiX setup. Okay back into my shell. :turtle:

Looks like you have loads of installs in there @manyroads .

Some installs on several computers !

@altman I’m just an old cranky geek… and I like trying things out. What can I say. :grin:

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lol, that s cool mate , another Old Fart as some of us here then ! lol

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