MX Linux/AntiX Linux

It seems like these distros needed their own thread, since a few of us here use them as well as AL.

Continued discussion from another thread…

19 has a Base ISO that is a community “respin” here:

The dev of AVL/MXE - the multimedia respin of MX that was once the old AV Linux distro but now based on MX - is going to base his 21 version on a MX base ISO (with possibly a more “pure” Openbox ala BL), and I am using MX mostly in anticipation of that update. I too have used @manyroads BL version of both MX and AntiX, and also with the base ISO, and it works wonderfully. It’s kind of an unofficial respin IMO. MX/AntiX are always going to find either on one of my computers/partitions, I have used it for years now (I used an AV one based on 18 that was solid, and solid is what you need when you want to do production work, and ironically that dev who built that respin abandoned it for AV Linux lulz, and now with AV Linux on MX, the circle is complete Obi-Wan), and they are well maintained projects with an ethos behind each. It’s never crashed on me, they can run on most anything, and they are both easy to install and maintain. Plus I think they are the most secure distros out there as far as telemetry. All of which IMO are important if if one wanted an OS to be deployed for multi user projects that can scale.

I like to build from source, but then you have to deal with a lot of dependencies, and even with either having a Flatpak manager that does Flatpak’s very well, I just can’t bring myself to use them lulz. Even though I “portable apped” the hell out of Windows, but that’s because a whole workflow was in a folder that I could nuke.


Thanks for your reply I agree both MX & antiX with or without respins are good systems. MX is really good for people coming from windows or mac who wish to start using Linux and there forum never stops helping people.

antiX was manly started to bring Linux to older computers low on resources & demands to there credit they have always produced a X386 version with a very small team as well. But with driver updates & kernels antiX has gone far be beyond this now it will run on any computer no matter slow or fast it is, I like the fact that anticapitalista said that it will always be systemd free.

I really enjoy being part of AL with people who think like I do with windows manager , scripts , mods and the like I was getting a bit lonely before coming here, can’t thank manyroads enough for recommending AL forum.

Thanks again…


I love MX & antiX, they’re fantastic distributions and the dev teams are awesome. I don’t get on with the forum administrators though, a bit too heavy-handed for my tastes — they asked me to remove “Black Lives Matter” from my signature because it was considered “controversial” (!) so I refused and left. Lol.


I remember CB++ website also posted BLM banners some time ago. Now they’re gone. Don’t know why.

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That’s what I did on MX forum closed my membership at one stage rules got out of control.
Distrowatch changed everything…We are now the best (Keep dreaming)

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To be honest, Archlabs is the friendly forum. :+1:
Maybe it’s because I’m here. Nah that isn’t true. :joy: