I am trying to see if I can survive using neomutt as my daily email client. :grinning:

Are there better ways to follow links in a pager other than urlview/urlscan?

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I’ll review my settings. I know for links, mine calls up w3m but atm, don’t recall what I have for the config.
I’ll check in later on and post.

UPDATE: I was incorrect abouw the use of w3m. When i view an email with links in neomutt, I can simply click on it with the mouse and it opens in FF. For the life of me, I don’t know if I did anything other than the following
in a file called auto-views I have this:
auto_view text/html

and the following at the bottom of my muttrc file:

source ~/.config/mutt/auto-views
source ~/.config/mutt/bindings
source ~/.config/mutt/macros
source ~/.config/mutt/colors
source ~/.config/mutt/non-standard
source ~/.config/mutt/folder-hooks

# HTML is the last option.
alternative_order text/enriched text/plain text/html 

# Last, but not least, get mutt to display its version on startup.
push <show-version>
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You use auto_view. I use urlview to selectively open a link. Guess I need a little more time to get used to it. :smile:

Does it work with gmail accounts?

Yes. I have my neomutt set to access my daily driver pop account, my gmail account via imap and access to exim to view system emails (cron jobs etc.)


It’s been more than a week since I switched to neomutt. Think I will keep it.

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Have you tried muttwizard?

Thanks, will check it out.

Mutt Wizard (if I’m not mistaken, originally created by Luke Smith) was my gateway into Mutt/NeoMutt.
It didn’t play with my providers and that forced me to actually learn how to set this up w/out any wizard.

A painfully slow go at first, but the information learned was/is invaluable. So, my take on apps like this, I’m 50/50.
While I see the great benefit to doing and using these tools - it never replaces the tried and true way of learning the ways of the Jedi Masters that came before us.

Yep it’s absolutely the creation and work of Luke Smith, as it says in the fork below the repo title. I was just sharing the info.

I went the route of doing this manually once, and just found mutt wizard an easier start when switching distros or machines.

Absolutely and I agree - for many folks it is a viable way of doing things. Nothing wrong with that.
But you’ll notice that there folks that prefer the “old” way of doing things also, there too, nothing wrong with it.
As mentioned in my case, it was out of need as his work was in it’s early stages and not as refined as I’m certain it is now. Then again, I blame my ISP’s, lol.
But now that mine is up and running for a few years now, Hell if I could reproduce it from scratch. And in my old age, I too would opt for the wizard :wink:

It’s not that complicated. :grinning: I prefer manual configuration. If something goes wrong in the future, I know hot to fix it.

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I suspect this is correct with me also. I have been lucky. Worse case was just resetting some passwords and remembering the bits that went along with that.
So let me ask you -have you delt with the near/far change? I think I tried it at one point and it didn’t work well. I opted to just continue to use my original config

Don’t know what changes you referred to. I moved to neomutt a few weeks ago and it has been working really well. The only change I made to other components that my neomutt uses is neovim (configured editor). Had to enable spell checker inside.

Have a look


Nope, haven’t seen something like that. That’s from neomutt or the sync-er?

I’m sure its from my older config. The ADD in me sees that as more of a visual irritant than anything else. I suppose I should look at that to see what needs to be done. I’m hoping it doesn’t open up a can of worms I’m not ready to delve into.

UPDATE: Ha, that was an easy fix. Jeez…

You may have duplicated messages with “uid 1” in your maildir. Try to follow the link below.

Yeah - I know about those. I’ll get to the and thank you for the link!!

Ok - I’m doing some housekeeping. I’m having a heck of a time getting mbsync to read a config file in an alternative location. Would appreciate some guidance.

A little background - I do have it evoked vie systemd in my user space. I assume that would be where the new path would be put into place. Would be better if I could use the XDG calls but I’m not well versed in that process.

So it appears that since I have this running within systmd it does not appear to except the -c flag, which is odd HOWEVER, if I cron this (or simply as a test, run it from cli) it works as I was hoping.
Not sure on the correctness of either variation but at least with the latter, I can move this off into $HOME/.config/mbsync/config