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I can’t believe I missed this

Blabbermouth just isn’t a blog, it’s a news aggregator from the depth’s of hell. It’s the Queensryche definition of insanity of “repeating the same mistakes over and over again expecting different results”.


"The next album was ‘Promised Land’. It was during the creative process of this recording that tensions over songwriting credits started to emerge. The sense of playing on an equal balance was gone. It was also at this time that Geoff was letting it be known that he was unhappy with us as band mates and also with the direction of the band as he didn’t want to sing in the ‘metal/hard rock’ style anymore. He also let us know that this would possibly be his last album and he would be quitting.


"Thus, in 2012 the animosity truly began.


"We do not wish to play this out in the media and would like to keep this respectful for all involved. To see Geoff Tate and his family using the Internet and media to play this way is embarrassing to not only us, but to the name QUEENSRŸCHE that at one time garnered respect in the music industry.

This is why Blabbermouth exists. Because of the lulz.

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That man is a twat.

Case in point:

Blasphemy. One of the worst vocalists in Prog from one of the worst bands in Prog to front a band that has made Powerslave after Powerslave for decades, meaning they are boring and over-rated. Paul Di’anno is my favourite. All anyone needs from Iron Maiden is the self-titled album, Killers and Powerslave. The rest is a waste of time.

Also blasphemous.

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Don’t forget Maiden Japan.

He could be either Machiavelli, or Ike Turner. Or both. The rest of the band hadn’t realized that Queensryche had jumped the shark. So they kept getting eaten by one in Tate, and IMO they deserved it because they didn’t have the balls or self respect to do something else.

I’ll give you that one.

I quite like most of Queensryche’s stuff. They can get a bit tedious though.

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I try listen to the music only & let the crap out whatever the band, enough shit going on without that ! lol

Edit; Don t care about their personal lifes ( gossips, whatever) but care more about the studio work of who mixed the albums & what equipment was used, stuff like that .

That’s one of the reasons why I enjoy Burzum, I can dis-associate between the music and the man who created its personal life. The focus for me is the music, the meaning or whatever behind it is irrelevant to me.

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Yep, sometimes the less you know the better. Some singers can be add to that ! lol

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True that.

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The Queensryche drama is just like any other drama (see: Anthrax), their story is a band that hit it’s musical peak, and tried in vain to sustain themselves in a genre that has since passed them in real time while trying to adapt to changes and egos due to that peak. The music doesn’t reflect that peak anymore, it’s a band that still tries to get by on that name alone, to the point of who really owns that name.

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Yep, in order to profit from past albums that still sell beside other things.

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One of the biggest mind boggles for me (we are way off topic here, I think I’ll make a new thread) is how the fuck Anthrax were included in the “Big Four”. No way, it should have been:

  • Metallica
  • Megadeth
  • Slayer
  • Exodus

To this day I cannot understand. Anthrax just plain and simple suck. They have changed their sound and look to suit the times too many times, they write substandard music and are just outright boring. Exodus, well. Shit. The kings of Thrash, they are just as brutal today as they were back in the day and have had a super solid output as well as forming two years before Anthrax.


Thx for that thread, good idea @Dobbie03 .

Easy to get off topic in here ! lol

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There are things that don’t mix well:

Oil and water

Def Leppard and alcohol

Anthrax and heroin

Lars Ulrich and humility

Geoff Tate and society

All valid points. LOL Def Leppard. The cheese is strong with them, the cheese level has increased as they have got older.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I like Lars. :smiley: I’m very interested to see what the upcoming 'Tallica will be like. Though knowing Metallica we won’t see anything before 2030.

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I just see Lars as a country/tennis club brat (his dad and grandpa were on Davis Cup teams) who snarls every time a camera is pointed at him.

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Hahahaha, so do I. I watched the Gibson Icons episode of Dave Mustaine the other day. That man has been through some shit. It made me wonder, what would have happened to Metallica if Mustaine was never kicked out.


Given Mustaine’s own ego, the room isn’t big enough with that and Ulrich’s in the same room.

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It has/had to be one or the other. Not both.

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That is true, so very true. LOL have you guys seen the shit unfold with that tit Machine Gun Kelly? He slagged off Slipknot while if the process of reinventing him self as a rocker rather than a rapper, at his last few shows he’s been booed off the stage and pelted with shit by Slipknot (and I’m guessing rock fans in general).

He should take that as a sign.


Lol, wonder if he ll learn from that !

Also, might be a warning to some other musicians that think they re better than anyone else.

Bet that it s not easy to do when you re off from some very well known band.

Be it be from parting by yourself with a band of get trown out of the band.