Multiple problems with my system (no backlight control, can't wake from hibernate/suspend, media keys not working, bluetooth audio delay)

I was wondering if someone could help me with “some” problems i’ve been having lately with my ArchLabs system. :smile:
I’m running it on my Lenovo Y530 gaming laptop using the 4.19.46-1-lts kernel.

First problem has been the backlight. It has never worked, i’ve tried all the kernel parameters that are listed on ArchWiki and adding some options in xorg.conf. Nothing happens when i try to edit the brightness levels directly from /sys/class/backlight/intel_backlight/.

Second problem has been waking up from suspend/hibernate. It used to work, but some of the updates in the last 6 months have messed them up most likely. The system just wakes up into a blinking “_” character and i cannot get into a tty.

Third problem is a recent one. The media keys stopped functioning. xev recognizes them as media keys but apps like spotify do not. This is a minor problem compared to the others.

Fourth problem has been always there, the bluetooth audio has a 1s delay, can’t find anything helpful from google and haven’t really done anything to it because of that.

Any ideas? :thinking:
Ask me if you need more info!

EDIT: does this have anything to do with these problems? Shows up on boot and in dmesg.

Which window manager/desktop environment?

What are you using for backlight? I have the same issue with my toshiba. I have to use xfce/gnome power manager to handle the backlight, or something other than xbacklight. I’m using acpilight (or something like that, not on the toshiba at the moment). I’m running Void on that laptop, but I think the application is in the Arch/Aur repo.

I’m using xfce4 and not using anything for the backlight right now.

Set xfce4-power-manager to handle screen brightness and see if that works.

It doesn’t work :confused:

Did you try to install latest kernel along side your lts and see if some kernel improvement takes care of your hardware a little better…:kissing_smiling_eyes:

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Is there an an acpi backlight directory as well? If so then try editing that instead.

I find that GNOME can usually make the backlight work but that is a rather extreme solution.

For your suspend/hibernate issues, try the vanilla kernel and perhaps remove xf86-video-intel (or install it if it isn’t present).

I have an E485 and that won’t resume from suspend at all after about 20 minutes, I’m waiting for an upstream kernel fix for Lenovo’s crappy firmware.

No luck with the latest kernel either :grimacing:

The acpi backlight directory appears when booting with acpi_backlight=video, but doesn’t do anything if i change the backlight level there.
EDIT: using vanilla kernel and removing xf86-video-intel did not help.