MTP funtion not working

Hello so here is my issue I want to share my files on my smartphone to this laptop I am using via usb cable and as it seems my phone can detec that it is connect to a device and I can select the share media over USB option as it give along side send photos over usb and just charjing over usb and when I ran lsusb as you can see in the photo I gave it detects my phone named OPPO CPH1859 but I am unbale to open it on any file manager like PCManFM or Nautiluis.
So is this any kind of issue that can be solved?
I would like if so

Did you check ArchWiki? Some info in there to set up file managers.

MTP ArchWiki

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haha thanks previously tried other mtpfs system name
go-mtpfs and jmtpfs, But according to the wiki I install gvfs-mtp from pacman and now the mtp is working on my filese explorer applications

Glad that it s settled @Kiriyama . Thx @PackRat