MPD and Sonata

I am a user of Sonata with MPD and I am frustrated to see that it hasn’t been updated in a very long time.

Basically what I am leading to is, do we have anyone here who can work with me to fork Sonata solely for use with ArchLabs? I know nothing so it iwll be a learning curve but I do think this will be a cool addition for us and other MPD users.

Any one interested please hit me up

Sonata is a fantastic music player and it would be a great idea to fork it for ArchLabs. I use it in the past, but sadly i havent the experience to help you.

I don’t have the experience, hence me asking. I think this would be a cool move for AL.

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I was just lamenting to lack of development of sonata gtk3 a few days ago. I use either sonata or ncmpcpp. Sonata is a nice mix of simple with a sprinkle of gui eye candy. Then I was wondering if people just are not using MPD as much these days.

So personally can’t say I have alot of hackin skills but I would be more than willing to learn/help where I can. At the moment I’m in the process of preping then selling a house and moving, but this too will come to pass.

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That would be cool. Yeah I’d hate to see Sonata head the way of the Dodo.