Moving to Mac as my daily laptop

Hi all,

It took me a bit of consideration,
Running Linux on my daily use laptop from 2002 and recently, over the past four years running Archlabs, I am gonna be moving to a Mac M2.

Don’t hate me.

The primary consideration for this is my Dell XPS battery life will never be better than 2-3 hours when the M2s are running a whole day.

I am agitated that I won’t be able to have a tiling WM, which I am considering running a VM with Archlabs :smiley:

Have you been in this position before?
Any ideas, advise suggestions on how you moe into it?
I had a Macbook Pro before, But it was running arch, and Asahi is not there yet, so I wont hold my breath :smiley:

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Well, you might be able to install AL on that M2 beast on a later day !


I have both Mac and Linux laptops. Power management is always the weak spot in Linux. I was never able to make my Linux run as power efficient as Max OS on the same hardware. But Linux allows me to play everything around, I still prefer Linux.


There are a couple of tiling WMs on Mac OS - I had an imac a year ago and wanted to try one but never got around to it, so don’t know how easy they are to set up or configure.

also Yabai

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Yabai is a popular tiler for Mac.

Edit: just saw @phuturism had posted that in between the 2 links. Was kind of hard to see.

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Yeah I added in Yabai as an afterthought…