Moving to archlabs. BTW I have a problem with the site

Actually I didn’t know where to post it but it seems that your site somehow sent me to a blacklist. I am able to connect to with a proxy or even with my mobile via the same router but the desktop shows the packet losses.

However, as I am here, hello to everyone!
I am from southwest Russia, and I decided to find a neat environment for learning programming. On the way of seeking, it became obvious that I want Unix, and that I want something minimalistic and easy to config, so I came with Arch. But as I am a newbie, I thought that it’d be better to go not with a pure Arch but Arch with some presets. So I chose ArchLabs because it is yet simple and also flexible enough.
Hope I will be able to install it, it’s my first time on Unix.

Well, regarding the problem, we’ve checked some variants. It’s possible that there are some provider restrictions. Still it’s strange because the site worked perfectly yesterday.
Btw I made a leaflet for the boot disk jic, lol.


Wonder if you try later on what it will do, might have to do with higher traffic, never know.

Welcome aboard @Rawicz !

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The main site is working okay over here in 'Lil NZ

@Rawicz If you want a link to the download you can get it here

P.S. I love the cover for the boot disk :smiley:

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Welcome @Rawicz!


Hello @Rawicz and welcome to the forum

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