Moving the Forum Host - We are moved - Please read

Forum maybe down for a while as we move hosts.

Some peoples avatars are missing. If yours is just reload. If you notice anything missing please let me or @sqamsqam know.



Yep saw that , was wondering what was happening when trying to get to the forum.

Thx for the hard work in there.

We are back on.

Good work from @sqamsqam.


Thx @sqamsqam @Dobbie03

Some stuff missing but getting there right !

What have you noticed missing?

Oh, just the logos on left of our usernames, don t know or recall what it is called .

They were showing before. Avatar is the word.

Re-Upload a new one.


should be sorted now @Dobbie03 @altman


Hey thx , I m always screwing up with these terms or whatever.

Will do.

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Gee shoud ve had waited, looks like every avatars came back.

Anyways it makes for some changes.

And you got a new car.
Nice ride.

lol @PackRat , mine s similar but another color. Just changed my avatar before everything came back ok. & couldn t find my other avatar.

Should ve waited, but it s alright.

But thanx anyways. lol

@Dobbie03 . Is the forum on Discourse now !

We have always (well for the last 2 1/2 years) used Discourse as that is the forum software. The forum has been hosted on Sam’s personal server and we have moved to be hosted at digitalocean now.

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Ok cool, wasn t sure if it was changed, thx for the comeback.

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Forum works just fine after a little while, guess that it s going to be ok.

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Yeah it’s working smoothly over here.

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if you do run into any performance issues please do let us know.