Moving on, but not like that

This is of little relivance to most of you (with the exception of @Dobbie03), but after a significant period of time living in Australia, I have taken a job back home in New Zealand. There has been a lot of shit to sort out which is why Ive been a bit silent on the forum for a while. Back to some level of normaity soon and spamming scrots. :beer::rofl::football:


You and @Dobbie03 are finally gonna have a beer together. :smiley:

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haha, yeah man, my thoughts exactly.

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You must be an happy camper right @philT

Sweet man, welcome back to NZ. Are you settling in Auckland or somewhere else?

Auckland for now man, but there are opportunities to go regional after a while…

Nice man. Well, when I am in Aucks I’ll hit you up.

Do it mate.