Moving archlabs to new disk

Ok, guys, my 12 y/o HDD disk is probably dying (it vibrates like crazy) so time to get a new one. Is there a magic trick to move everything (whole Linux) from the old disk to the new one without going through the system & programs installation process? I guess that there is no possibility to do that but I thought that it is worth to ask.


Hello @poiseman, it is possible, please have a look here

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Whoa, so if I understand correctly, all I need is e2image and command:

e2image -ra -p /dev/sda1 /dev/sdb1

(I know that a1/b1 may vary) and that’s it? Archlabs will start normally from new disk?

Prepare the coffee, it could take a long time, and errors may occur.
You will maybe have to inform your bios after that, and change the order of boot disk priority.
Also, just to be sure, update the grub before the reboot.
Once the system is launched, verify that you are on the good disk, then shutdown your machine and remove your old disk or remove what’s inside.

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I know how to handle with the rest. Could not belive that everything what I need is one program with one command.

Thx for answers.

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I used clonezilla to migrate my system to a new drive recently, if your getting a larger drive it’s really easy to do. Once the clone is done you’ll need to chroot in to update your initramfs, fstab, and bootloader configuration.

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How am I supposed to do that?

You can boot with the ArchLabs installation media and chroot from there. The ArchWiki has detailed instructions on how to chroot, update the fstab etc… that Nate pointed out.

This is exactly what I use. When ever I feel I have my settings just right, I make a clonezilla image. Easy enough to replace a drive and re-image or works fine if you don’t bother with V-Box and actually do as I do, dedicate a full on install and if you don’t like it in a few days or months, a simple boot up of Clonezilla and in under 20 mins, I’m back in my last working image.

Additionally, I had to recently replace my drive in my lappy so it came in handy there too.