Movin' on


Thank you man, little weak but feeling pretty good to be home :slight_smile:

PS wish I had pics. She is a knockout :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

PSS To borrow a fisherman’s saying… ‘It’s the one that got away’ :grin:


Sometimes that helps more than the meds.


Kick that cancer’s arse! I believe in you. :slight_smile:


Blah - Yanno the saying that the diff between a fox and a dog … 3 beers :wink:
In all seriousness, glad to see you pop in Glenn. Best wishes and (if you don’t mind) a few prayers from the Mrs and me.


Ummm! I’m telling on you! I’m going to tell your wife! Ummmm! :joy:


LOL - Spaz!


You’re here, us with you @Glenn Enjoy the family and regain strength :muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle:


Wholy cow, I would hate having a back surgery ! Hope cancer s been removed, so to speak. Tough guy @Glenn

Get well soon old fart from another old fart !


lol, It tells you if you re ok or not, bet that you re on the ok side ! lol


Seriously, best wishes to you and your family.
I hope you are feeling better and have a full recover.

Now my joking side, Back to work! :wink:


Hey big man, never give up, and hopefully catch up again soon.
You are very close and I send you a big hug.
I really hope you win your battle.


Thank you again @ everyone. Will certainly check in on you all as often as I can.


Glad to see you on the forum any time @ el Glenn man !