Movin' on


Good luck everyone and the very best wishes for the new year.


December 2018 Screenshot Thread

General well wishes or something else??


Something else :slight_smile: Been a wonderful time but life needs me eleswhere. Love Archlabs and our community but sadly must say farewell.


Awe WTF, Glenn! Just when we got to be best buds and all :wink: Good luck to you mate.
Hope to see you soon. In the mean-time, stay safe and keep friends and family in mind.



I really appreciate that Chris, thank you man and back at ya :slight_smile:


Sorry to see you moving on. Best wishes to you! :wink:


Good luck and best wishes to you and yours. Hope we get to see you later on sometime if life permits it so. :slight_smile:


@sammiev & @Xen I’ll look in every once in a while, thank you fellas :slight_smile:


I’ll miss you @glenn. You have a been a great source of learning. Your a great guy and I admire your wisdom and ability to write. What I mean is that you convey your thoughts and ideas in writing in a way that I really admire.

Best wishes bro. Stay well.



Thanks for everything Glenn. Gonna miss you.

Please keep in touch.



Health and strength @Glenn!!


Wish you all the best and as Negata says: Health and strength for you!


Adios amigo


Well that sux, but one s gotta do what one s gotta do !

Been nice meeting youin the forum.


Live long and prosper, buddy :slight_smile:


Sorry to see you go Glenn. Left you a pm. And we do hope you stop in once in a while. Take care you old fart and friend. :no_mouth:


Thank you all :slight_smile:

Sorry for the delay in responding. I originally asked Nate and Matt not to let anyone know but I’ve been a little under the weather. About this time last year, I had a series of 3 back surgeries for an old injury. Well, they found a spot on my spine which turned out to be cancer and for several months I’ve been in a rather intensive treatment schedule. Just came home from the hospital and saw all the wonderful well-wishes. I’ve been touched to tears… Particularly from those who have PM’d me. Thank you soooo very much!


I hope you beat that cancer motherfucker @Glenn. Really happy to hear from you and keep on fighting.

Hopefully see you around.


@Dobbie03 I plan to Matt, thanks my friend. Always checking out the forum happenings.

BTW… I had the hottest nurse in the world! Hehehe :grinning:


Screenshot or it didn’t happen :monkey_face:

Good luck; kick that cancer’s butt.