Moved to sddm from lightdm

I have had serious probs w/ lightdm that surfaced from the time I was testing yax (or at least that is when I noticed them). I could not debug. I re-installed it, but some of the problems remained. Finally y’tday I moved to sddm. Working really smooth. And dare I say looks better also than lightdm.

Anyone else frustrated w/ lightdm, all you need is sudo disable lightdm.service and sudo enable sddm.service (and install sddm from repos).

EDIT: I saw Dobbie had edited this post, but it seemed identical to what I had written. Figured out he moved it to correct category. Thanks dude. I am still new to this. But do love all.

Damn this lightdm man, I wasted so much time on it. Like we’re talking several hours of trying to figure out what the heck was wrong w/ it.

@natemaia, I do fear lightdm had something to do w/ the hosed yax tests. Will retest w/ sddm. I know pstree does not indicate interaction, but it could be some state that is changed by lightdm. I don’t know enough to state either way. But retesting will be done. I do want to run yax if it does not play those tricks on me (monitor hopping etc.).

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It s weird, I never had issues with LightDM installed at a fresh install, wonder what happened. Or if you installed it after install & you had issues then.

Just my 2 Cent here .

Edit; Glad that you fixed your issues there @vinay

Lightdm sucks on Wayland, sddm is slow and ugly. I’ve been on ly for months.

Never heard about ly before @nwg

Thx for sharing.

Simple, TUI-based DM. The fastest I’ve ever had.

Hey cool @nwg . Didn t know about that, I must say that I m kind of happy with my installs, but they can all be faster .

I m not in that much of a hurry ! lol Just kidding here

If I could afford for having just sway and Wayfire installed, I wouldn’t use any DM. Still I need X11 for testing, and remote working. Zoom / MS Teams / Google Meet screen sharing doesn’t work on Wayland.

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Well that must suk, I remember that you need these for your job, pretty different from my side that s only for leasure, I mean it s not critical to me compared to your installs .

In that sense I might have had to do things differently

I’m a dyed-in-wool Plasmoid, hence SDDM comes with the territory. I’m well aware that it attracts its share of opprobrium, but for my part i very much enjoy it. Furthermore, for me it works fine in Wayland too… i just wish Wayland would also work well in Wayland :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It sounds like you just want the static workspaces I recently added support for, give it a shot and let me know