Mousepad issues

I installed the newest release on a MacBook 7.1 with minimal glitches (please let me know if you would like a small blurb or write-up, it was excellent out of the box).

My main issues that I can’t seem to resolve are:

  1. my mouse trackpad is super speedy and sensitive. None of the scrolling, etc is working. Are there any fixes for this? I can deal with no scrolling if the mouse was less speedy and more stable.
  2. I can not seem to get a system icon for battery level. Any help on that?

The rest of my questions will wait, I have to do some searches, I want to customize the look a bit.

Many thanks, I’m super happy with how well this worked. It’s a refurbished MacBook that I got for under $200. Was slow as molasses before I wiped the OSX from it.

Have a look at these:



I’m not sure which one ArchLabs uses as default, but I’ve used both of those in the past to configure a touchpad.

What WM are you using?

@pintas The defaults, Openbox and whichever came with the newest ISO. I think its a Tint2 panel but could be wrong. Everything is currently still in default, as it all worked out of the box.

@PackRat Thank you, looks like only one is still active? The wiki said to go to libinput.

Oh ok, i thought somehow settings weren’t being applied.

Try changing

battery = BAT0


battery = BAT1

in ~/.config/polybar/modules.conf

For your pointing device, I can only confirm it working on both my laptops, have you tried adjusting setting in obmenu under Preferences->Settings Manager?

He would also need to add the battery module to one of modules-right, modules-center, or modules-left in ~/.config/polybar/config under [bar/openbox-bar]

modules-left   = jgmenu workspaces
modules-center = window_switch clock
modules-right  = battery temperature pkg network volume
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See /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/40-touchpad.conf and try changing Option "AccelSpeed" "0.8" to lower. Afterwards restart X by logging out, you should be logged back in immediately due to the xinit setup

Depending on what type of touchpad you have there can be different configuration options, also of note some touchpads just prefer the synaptics driver, if all else fails just remove the 40-touchpad.conf and see how it works after.


I use my saved polybar configs for my laptops so you’re right, you need add the battery module first.

Thanks, everyone! I haven’t gotten the battery thing to work, I’m having a brain freeze on how to open a config file. But I got the mouse problem sorted, so thanks for that!

Right now I’m trying to make sure my laptop doesn’t overheat. I installed mbpfan and enabled it per a guide on medium. I hope that solves the issue.

So far pretty happy. I have to learn a few more things, like how to move the bar to the bottom of my screen, not liking it at the top given my small screen.

It’s speedy and quick. I was thrilled that I managed to use aurman to install the mbpfan without issues.

Also… female pronouns please.

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Side note, much respect for pointing out the correct pronouns to use, it is an oft overlooked thing that there are women of all stripes who rock the penguin.

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Thanks, normally I’m on horse forums, where the men have to identify themselves.

Still dealing with a bit overheating, should I make a new thread? This one is basically resolved.

If not specifically included within the context of the original topic, that would be best and marking this topic as solved will also help others track the issue -Thanx