Mounting partitions during installation

So this is my device tree
I want to have one boot partition, one root partition and one home partition.


After formatting the drive as ext4, I am asked what mount option should I use for mounting. Which mounting option is the best for both the root partition and the home partition?

Best to read the wiki on this one man,



And if you use a SSD drive

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Hi Dobbie, so my understanding is that with an SSD I should use the discard option. In the installer it says that if I don’t chose anything, it will run an automatic mount, does that mean that the installer will automatically chose the most optimal option based on the Drive, so for example, if I left everything blank for an SSD, would it automatically select the discard option and other options?

If that’s what the wiki says and if that applies to your system then do it I’m not going to say yes as I don’t know what you are running hardware. This is what I personally use for my SSD on my system.

UUID=deb6263e-55d9-4b33-9eb4-25d96b23158d / ext4 defaults,noatime,discard 0 1

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I don’t use any and just let mount figure it out on it’s own. If you’re using the latest installer version it asks if you want to do just this (some find the big menu a bit more overwhelming).

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No, don’t do that. The discard option applies TRIM for every I/O operation so it will slow down your drive.

Use the fstrim.timer unit supplied by the util-linux package to apply TRIM once a week, that’s more than enough.

See also

I would also consider the noatime option to be entirely superfluous for modern SSDs because longevity is fine (so no need to restrict writes) and the performance difference between that and the default relatime option is minuscule. And it breaks mutt.


Thanks HoaS I was unaware of that. Fstab, edited.

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