Mounting a secondary harddrive

Hey guys

Complete newbie here, and loving Archlabs so far. Everything is working great, except my secondary drive. I know how to do the basic stuff like partitioning and formatting.

I cant get my head around mounting though. i think i want to use the disk just for storage, do i mount this somehow into my home directory? or will it need to be a separate thing?

I have not created any directories yet and i did not edit my Fstab yet. I’m trying to read on the arch wiki, but i need some basic understanding on how disks work in Linux first i think.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Will you be the only one using the drive? If so, mounting it to a location in your /home/user_name should be fine. Otherwise mount it to a different location.

How is the drive connected?


yes, i will be the only one using it.

So i make a new directory in the home folder, with a name of my choosing? Then mount the hard drive to this directory? Then enter this information in the Fstab?

Its an Ssd connected via sata to the mainboard.

Sorry for the probably super basic questions, thanks :slight_smile:

That’s basically what you need to do.

The trick is getting the fstab entry correct so that you will have all the right permissions to read-write to the drive.

Read the Arch wiki carefully; as I recall there is an example for setting up what you’re trying to do.

Allright, ill have a go when i get home tonight, thanks again

So I`ve gotten further, he-he.

Only problem now is permissions to the mounted directory, i think its got root access only:

drwxr-xr-x 4 root root 4096 june 3 21:28 ∕stuff

Will i need to change the Fstab entry, or do i change permissions somehow? Im such a newbie, hehe

Nevermind… i used the chown command and changed ownership to my user, think that worked :slight_smile: looks like it anyway.

Go ahead and post your fstab entry for the drive; someone may give you a more elegant way to mount the drive/partition for your use.

Looks something like this :
UUID=xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx-x-xxxx–xxxxxx home/badkarma/diverse ext4 rw,noatime 0 0

to lazy to type uuid, because i dont know how to copy paste from editor, lol