More Forum Changes + Forum Update

The Forum has been updated to the latest version of Discourse. Along with that I have added a footer. If anything seems awry please let me know.



Nothing much but the footer color scheme looks a bit odd.

Looks well here, together with “Light” theme.

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Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be much I can do about that.

I have thinned out the themes, these are the only ones I have kept.

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My sacred dark theme is gone :frowning:
Well, I guess I have to find a new one…

Thanks for the updates, anyway!

Edit: Also, when selecting a theme other than the brandheader ones, I get a (too) big logo on mobile.

Ah I need to add a mobile Icon.

Hopefully fixed now?

[edit] Just wanted to point out that I use mobile version very often.

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When you change the theme, refresh the page.

I believe not quite. The large logo is gone but there is no more ‘home’ / Arch icon in the top left corner?!

Yeah this Graceful theme isn’t working nicely with the headers. I’ve disabled it until I can get it to play nicely.

Thx for the hard work again @Dobbie03

In case you had some spare time, this could be improved in Light theme (and some other w/ black header):


While browsing a topic, when content scrolled down, the Home link is really useful. link 1 is in its place, but misses a picture. It’s misleading.

I’m really limited on what I can adjust. I’m tempted to do away with all the themes except for the ones that are working.

Love the look of the new headers man.

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Thanks I do too.