Anyone tried this wm out? Looks interesting.

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If that’s the original monsterwm then, yes.

It’s pretty good, if you like dwm and the other window managers it’s inspired.

Strictly anecdotal evidence, but it seemed like the Arch community went through this phase of coding these tiling window managers that were based on, or inspired, by dwm and the suckless philosophy. I think spectrwm, diminiwm and snapwm, monsterwm, and bspwm were the more popular window managers to come out of that period.

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Indeed I do. I will need to check this out.

Interesting. good to see a couple of them just as popular as ever.

He doesn’t post much, but unia at bunsen labs (and #!) coded a window manager forked from monsterwm - dragonflywm; monsterwm with more EWMH compliance.

He dropped that project and started working on Wayland projects including a couple of window managers.

I remember Unia. Looking through his repo and I see he has done some pretty cool stuff. A lot no longer maintained though.

It’s pretty good, but multi monitor support is non-existent. Pretty tough to squeeze that into so few lines. The code style is also pretty atrocious but it kinda suits the name.

I agree with PackRat though, lots of wm came out in the mid 2000’s based around the same general ideas. If you start digging there is a ton of them.


I used mosterwm for a bit several years ago, it works well with lemonbar (or bar as it was called back then) IIRC.

Also good with tint2 or xfce4-panel but that kind of defeats the whole “minimalism” thing.

There is a xinerama branch: