Monitor not coming out of suspend

First of all, this is not a AL issue, so pl. bear (or ignore).

I run AL on an older HP Compaq 6000 pro All-in-one (i.e., monitor is not external, but integrated part of the desktop) with integrated intel graphics card.
From day one, no matter how I put the m/c into suspend, on coming out, the monitor would show sort of a dulled out book-like thingy that slowly changed color also.

Recently, I put an additional monitor on the machine using its displayport output. Now, when machine goes into suspend, the external monitor (a Dell) comes out just fine. It shows the screen, and I can enter input as expected. However, the integrated monitor shows the same behavior as earlier.

I tried a bunch of things: like dpms force off then on, suspend then on, etc. but the same issue always is that out of suspend the integrated monitor can not come out properly.

Earlier, I thought this was a graphics driver issue, but I am less sure now because the external monitor comes out of suspend just fine.

PS: I know this is not AL specific since I also tried the same thing w/ Ubuntu on the machine, and exact same behavior.

Thanks HoaSji, I think I did these when I first encountered the issue. However, I will retry steps 3 and 4 today also, and update the thread.

update: I checked, and I had done those. It seems that does not work. The strange thing is that the external monitor works fine. I wonder what hurdle the external monitor is bypassing.

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