Money, money but, for who?


Nice ! Pretty much it. Gvt money or money in general usually never goes much to education & health .

Brazil is like this, the statistics on income, income division and corruption in this country are all liars, the media allied to the government only shows what the people want to see, not the reality.

Ozzy Osbourne has been here around these days, I did not go to the show, the venue is very beautiful but next to the place is a public dumping ground that no media shows, poverty circulates these centers.

Show: Brazil

It’s been said the world’s only common language is music.

Possibly … but even music is often misunderstood.

But money never requires a translation.

I live in London and we see the same phenomenon here: in my country the gap between the richest and poorest is bigger now than it was just before the French Revolution and it is getting bigger.


Brazil does not exist, there is Brasilia (capital) and its provinces as 500 years ago, this is how the population exercises the ties, politicians in 4 years are richer than an Arab king, countries that do not produce petroleum has 10 times more gasoline cheap of the here that has self-sufficiency to more than 15 years, when it travels outside when returning is wondering where we err, if someone steals a can of milk spends 10 years or more in the chain, a politician or businessman steals billions, breaks the country and the people do not care, it’s simply a cultural problem.

It is rationally impossible to describe my reality, just visiting the country to understand, who is poor there is rich here.

There is no news or honesty in democratic capitalist countries that get carried away by the pocket, this is a fact.

(sorry for the translator’s mistakes), still one of my favorite places on earth. Sad to say, but you pictured it just right.

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Actually I can say that I claim “full belly”, but it is revolting to see so much power and so much money go down the drain, I also know that there are places in the world where people have needs that we can never imagine…

The grass is no greener on the other side of the cesspool. The gaps between the haves and have nots & between opposing political ideologies in the US grow everyday.

To add to the other posts here, it s like that everywhere , & the richest indivduals or companies , banks get subsidies but nothing for the ones in need.

Sweden was a really great country until about 30 years ago. Then our prime minister got murdered. Now the difference between rich and poor is the same as it was over 100 years ago when 35% of the population fled to America and other countries. And now it is a very big risk that nazis are sitting in government after the election in september!