Mobile Ryzen & The Linux Kernel

If you have purchased a new Ryzen Laptop, don’t fret, if you can’t boot ArchLABS, or Linux in general on it, just yet. Kernel support is coming in the 4.15 release. Currently parts of the new Ryzen APU are not supported and will cause a kernel panic at boot. There is a patch being merged into 4.15 to fix this. Below is a short description of what is being done…

(FEATURED) Merge the AMD DC (display code) layer which is requirement to program the display engines on the new Vega and Raven based GPUs. It also contains support for all amdgpu supported GPUs (CIK, VI, Polaris), which has to be enabled. It is also a kms atomic modesetting compatible driver (unlike the previous display code) and it includes HDMI and DP audio, DP MST, and many other advanced display features

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On this note

When Arch releases the new kernel we will get on a new release stat

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Bring on 4.15!

With 4.15 actually here now, I have spent the last day and a half fleshing out some bugs to just get ArchLABS working on the new HP Envy x360 with a Ryzen 2500u processor, and embedded Vega Graphics. For the most part everything functions out of the box. Wireless, keyboard, keyboard backlight, touchpad, most of the special function keys, and various ports. However, the webcam functionality is broken, display brightness adjustment must be made manually, as the function keys don’t work for this yet. And, their is an intermittent boot issue, due to the IOMMU not being writable during the boot process, which causes the boot to hang.

Most of these issues are just a minor inconvenience if you can work around them. Is mobile Ryzen supported in the Linux community? Yes, but not well supported yet, as the technology is fairly new.

Nice, glad you have been working on this!