Missing #!

Hey all,

I’ve been around Linux land for quite a few years…as in I have bought both SUSE(all seven CDs) and Slackware in a bookstore before.

I used #! for awhile back in the day and really enjoyed it. Since then I have mainly hung out around the buntu based distros, a little time on Solus.

I looked at Bunsen Labs recently but I can’t get past the outdated packages. Then today I was poking around Distrowatch and saw y’all. So tonight I am going to Nuke and Pave so I can give y’all a shot.



Welcome aboard sir!

You are going to have a lot of fun with ArchLabs :slight_smile:

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Hi Tim, welcome.

The outdated Debian packages were the thing that frustrated me about BL too.

Well it has begun…install complete, hit a few bumps due to my own confusion. But just my fault being spoiled by ubiquity’s over simplification. Doing good so far.

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Hi Tim, welcome! I guarantee you will have a blast. We all help each other here. So if you need help, or have a suggestion just type away!

I am The 2nd update of the AL but only a short time I am here in the forum, the AL has everything I need, is light, fast, functional and not full of unnecessary things, the simplicity of the system blends well with efficiency , I am being sincere and I am not saying that the other distros are bad or better, I see the necessicade and, AL meets mine and so I do not rush to choose!

And welcome!