Missing Serbian locale

During a test install in a VM I couldn’t find the option for my native locale. Can I expect it to come in future releases? I need it for hopefully obvious reasons, no negative meaning intended.

Wonder if this link can give you a hand @vuksavic , but maybe after install;



is the for Serbian Language, but I bet that you know it already, & hopefully it s in the installer, but I never checked sadly.

Thanks, both of your replies are already known to me, I hoped that I won’t have to go through the hassle of going through the guide from the wiki because I might have to deploy AL on multiple machines… Thanks again anyway, hope to see more locales in the installer in the future.

Can you elabrate?

#sr_ME UTF-8  
#sr_RS UTF-8  
#sr_RS@latin UTF-8

are in /etc/locale.gen. Do you mean something else?

They might be in /etc/locale.gen, but I couldn’t find them in the installer when it was time to pick a locale.

Let me try the installer…

You were right. The installer currently only includes locales like xxxx.UTF8.

LOCALES="$(awk '/\.UTF-8/ {gsub(/# .*|#/, ""); if ($1) {print $1 " - "}}' /etc/locale.gen)"

New locales will be included in next release if @natemaia thinks it’s necessary.

Temporarily, after installation, change /etc/locale.gen to map to your desired locale and run,


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@vuksavic I’ve just updated the installer so any future installs will be updated and have a better list (no need for new release). Please let me know if you run into anything and apologies for the issue.

@chroot Thanks for the quick find.


No worries, thank you for acknowledging my issue, this is going to definitely speed up my workflow.