Missing battery Icon in polybar ArchLabs [Solved]


Try adding this

format-padding = 1

to the module in the modules file.


I have already tried that and reloaded the polybar. But that dosen’t change anything :frowning:


Do you have:

module-margin-left       = 2
module-margin-right      = 3


No I have this in my master.conf:

module-margin = 0
padding-right = 0
padding-left = 0

And that is the default values that work fine for everything in the polybar except the battery indicator. Any reason why the battery isn’t showed by default?

Polybar spacing

Play around with those values and see what comes of it.

You could also try adding a space between the " and the icon.


I figured it out. Add these lines:

format-discharging-padding = 1
format-charging-padding = 1
format-full-padding = 1

Result: http://i.imgur.com/afFcpEC.png


Cool. Yeah I don’t use a laptop so I was feeling around in the dark a bit there.


how did you end up gettin this to work cause i tried adding that module and polybar doesnt load:
type = internal/battery
; Use $ ls -1 /sys/class/power_supply/
battery = BAT1
adapter = AC
full-at = 98
poll-interval = 5
time-format = %H:%M


Make sure that battery is correct; try changing it to BAT0


Dude! Seriously, the solution is further up the thread? Did you read this thread properly?

Please search before posting.


well my battery is BAT1 according to ls /sys/class/power_supply/


Are you seeing the information but not the icon? Or is there no battery information whatsoever?

Couple of possible issues; search the forum for “polybar battery module” and you may find the fix.