Missing AUR Packages: archlabs-autotiling archlabs-ksuperkey archlabs-paranoid archlabs-skel-xfce4


On updating (via yay) I now get the below which I guess is due to the new version?

Missing AUR Packages:  archlabs-autotiling  archlabs-ksuperkey  archlabs-paranoid  archlabs-skel-xfce4

Can I just uninstall these as was the solution here?

what about archlabs-autotiling? I use that in i3

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This was was removed when they redid the ISO. It was in the archlabs repo as part of sway.
nwg-shell on ArchLabs Linux since 2022.08.21 iso · Discussion #17 · nwg-piotr/nwg-shell · GitHub
The others are probably removed because they were part of some of the DE’s (plasma, xfce, etc.)

That is a really old thread. If you look at that sway link you should be able to follow those steps to fix it.

Migrating pre-2022.08.21 sway session
This is possible, but quite difficult, and not really supported. Will be easier with a little help from the pacseek [AUR] package.

You need to uninstall the archlabs-nwg-shell package, and then replace all the AUR stuff previously packaged for the ArchLabs repository (they are "local" now) with AUR counterparts:

archlabs-autotiling -> autotiling
archlabs-azote -> azote
archlabs-gopsuinfo -> gopsuinfo
archlabs-nwg-bar -> nwg-bar-bin
archlabs-nwg-dock -> nwg-dock-bin
archlabs-nwg-drawer -> nwg-drawer-bin
archlabs-nwg-menu -> nwg-menu-bin
archlabs-nwg-look -> nwg-look-bin
archlabs-nwg-panel -> nwg-panel
archlabs-nwg-shell-config -> nwg-shell-config
archlabs-nwg-wrapper -> nwg-wrapper
archlabs-nwg-displays -> nwg-displays
archlabs-swaync -> swaync
archlabs-nwg-shell -> nwg-shell

In some cases you may need to uninstall the archlabs- package first. For sure it affects the archlabs-gtklock package.

I would just wait a bit for a dev to come along and see what to do. Since i3 was kept as a session those packages really shouldn’t have broken.


Thanks, perhaps I should have mentioned that I mostly use Openbox and sometimes i3, or is that not relevant?

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If open box is showing similar issues it is relevant. As this really should have been considered when the packages were removed from the archlabs repo as with i3. At the very least a forum post warning people they need to fix it. So yes both issues (i3 and openbox or any other window manager that was kept are /could be affected). DK does not have the issue more then likely because that is @natemaia 's baby.

If you like to experiment just remove archlabs-autotiling and install the AUR version.

One last thing:

This one is especially troubling because of the way they had things set up previously with xfce laying under the window mangers, and switched to lxappearance.

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I will leave the packages for now, and look at replacing tiling from AUR and taking DK for a spin

So this is probably a really dumb question but …
Should I install from scratch, or am I ok just updating using yay, or will there be a ‘digression’ between my version and the ‘supported’ version?

I really hope I am not putting my big foot in a sensitive situation (my forte, unfortunately) but I would like to know the technical aspects

At the end of the day I personally always think of it as their baby that I can use, but realise, and love that, there is a diverse community :smiley:


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If I made no mistake, all my packages should replace existing counterparts. They’ll just ask if to replace the existing archlabs-* package. No need to uninstall first.


Thanks @nwg
Which are yours, apart from autotiling?

Among the mentioned in OP four? None. :smiley:

which of the below, please?
(and actually, whilst I’m bending your ear, is there a general rule of thumb to choose between package and package-git?)

leigh@archlabs ~ % yay autotiling
5 aur/swaymgr 0.1.1-1 (+0 0.00) 
    Sway autotiling manager
4 aur/autotiling-git r24.6854508-2 (+3 0.02) 
    Script for sway and i3 to automatically switch the horizontal / vertical window split orientation
3 aur/autotiling-rs-git 0.1.0.r1.gde07cc4-1 (+6 0.81) 
    Automatically alternates container layouts between horizontal and vertical
2 aur/autotiling 1.6-3 (+35 3.33) 
    Script for sway and i3 to automatically switch the horizontal / vertical window split orientation
1 community/autotiling-rs 0.1.3-1 (467.7 KiB 1.3 MiB) 
    Automatically alternates container layouts between horizontal and vertical

autotiling is mine, still maintained.

autotiling-git was submitted by another guy, who later added me as a co-maintainer, and abandoned the package. It introduces nothing, and should be removed.

autotiling-rs is a version written in Rust by the man I mentioned above. An overkill, IMO.

swaymgr - no idea.

If you have no certain reason, avoid -git packages.



:: autotiling and archlabs-autotiling are in conflict. Remove archlabs-autotiling? [y/N] y

Packages (2) archlabs-autotiling-1.6-1 [removal]  autotiling-1.6-3

Top work @nwg . Glad that you got it fixed @leigh

I’m a bit late to the party but would like to clear a few things up.

Yes, you can get the nwg-* versions from the AUR. I removed the archlabs-* versions at request or I would have left them in the repo longer to ease the transition period (as with other packages we’ve had in the past).

I don’t have any favoritism towards one session or another and was reluctant to even add dk as an option. It just so happens dk requires very few packages to function and I don’t want to complicate it, users can do what they like afterwards.

The skel packages are not required at all after install and xfce4-skel would only be installed if you did select xfce as a session so you wouldn’t lose any configs or packages regardless.

All sessions in the installer have the required packages in our repo and we never installed autotiling for i3 or any session other than sway, so this would be a user installing it themselves.

Arch also removes packages from their repos and the users are left to figure it out and find the package elsewhere if they want to continue using it (think mksh, sakura, qpdfview, etc…).

Update warnings about packages not existing can be safely ignored and treated as a local install. Think of using pacman -U with a package you create yourself, these warnings would also be present there.


Yes, I asked for it. Otherwise, installing nwg-shell with the new ArchLabs ISO would be impossible.


favoritism what? more like popular demand from me anyway, and a lot of users here and around the web.

This is the first time I could install archlabs and have only one windows manager, without having to do it the after the install…



The window managers and desktop environments conflicted and were another reason to drop the DEs. For example dunst which all the window managers use conflicts with xfce4-notifyd. We didn’t offer any custom configurations for any other DEs other than xfce4 and it was the main one that conflicted with the WMs. I was maintaining the xfce4-session and honestly felt it was better to drop it and allow a user to use the defaults of it. Another conflict was using xfsettingsd for theming but then the window managers and xfce fought over keybindings. Just some rationale for everyone to think about.

Basically drop the DEs so everyone could have a cleaner experience on either or.

The sway stuff was at @nwg ’s request so he could maintain the frequency of his work better through AUR.


@KoO you’re also right about popular demand. We had to decide what to do about the DEs and WMs and what everyone on the forum uses for the most part won which is the WMs.


Hi, so I also saw this message when doing system upgrade through pacman and yay. I have one question though, removal of all the said archlabs-* packages resulted in a lot of other dependant packages as “orphaned” and I often just clean up all orphaned packages periodically. I’m afraid some of these (now marked as orphaned) packages are quite crucial for my system like conky, rofi, tint2 and jgmenu and I think this will break my setup badly if I were to remove it in my periodic cleanup. Is there any solution to fix this on my end? I did not find a solution to unmark a package as orphaned on arch wiki or internet. would be immensely appreciate your help if someone can guide me! Thank you for reading.

What do you have?

$pacman -Qdt

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hi chroot, I have

archlabs-i3lock-fancy 1.0-1
archlabs-kickshaw 1.0.73-1
archlabs-obkey 1.0-2
archlabs-paranoid 1.2-2
archlabs-pipemenus 2.7.0-1
archlabs-skel-xfce4 1.8.9-1
conky 1.12.2-2
jgmenu 4.4.0-1
lxmenu-data 0.1.5-3
obconf 2.0.4-7
python-cachecontrol 1:0.12.11-1
python-certifi 2022.06.15-1
python-distlib 0.3.6-1
python-distro 1.7.0-1
python-pep517 0.13.0-1
python-platformdirs 2.5.2-1
python-resolvelib 0.8.1-1
python-rich 12.5.1-1
python-tenacity 8.0.1-3
tint2 17.0.2-2