Mini PC's, Pi's

Anyone here into or using mini’s or Pi’s? I’ve always wanted to buy one or two, this one seems interesting at that price point:



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I was looking at the Pi that’s cased in a keyboard, but reviews say streaming stuff like YouTube is a bit sub-optimal. What is is like on your build?

Don’t believe those online claims. It’s not as powerful as a used pc/laptop you could buy from ebay or amazon. You can not go beyond 1080P on youtube, let alone 4K. It’s a good investment if you want to put firewall, vpn, etc stuff on it. If you want something to replace your desktop/laptop, forget it.


Yeah I don’t want it for that, I just want it to drive a small display, and doing basic web stuff like streaming, and maybe retro-pie stuff. This is the Pi I am looking into:

I tore the crappy display off one of my old craptops, and used that to drive the small display, like this would. That craptop finally died on me (rest in pieces, I cannibalized the corpse SEE YOU IN HELL MY CRAPTOP), so I figure this would replace that.

Check if there’s a fan/heatsink installed. If not, the heat could be a problem. My Pi 4 always stayed at 65+ C before I put a fan and heatsink on. Now, it is below 40 C.

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I saw a vid of it being disassembled, and all it has is a plate as a sort of heatsink for cooling that is the length of the keyboard:

If it gets a bit hot, that would be an issue for all kinds of reasons, if things like streaming task the loads, and of course the keyboard getting warm to touch. It’s a ginchy solution, for a first Pi. I have read Pi’s can get addictive, and if I purchase another Pi, it would be the regular Pi instead of another one of these.

This looks pretty cool:

Slap an NVMe in it, 24 gigs of RAM, you got a nice little box.

This however looks super f’ing cool:

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