Migrated to homed, now have two identical home dirs

Howdy folks, hope everyone had a good weekend.

On sunday I finally migrated to homed after getting tired of having my logs blown up by it, and all went kinda well aside from rsync forgetting my .config and .local dirs somehow. But now I am fully migrated and my original homedir is 1:1 identical. If i touch test, it is in both directories. If I ncdu / it says they each take up 150gb, but just running df -h shows my drive being 240gb total out of 630ish. So should I remove the original? I followed this guide verbatim and removed the user.saved directory at the end, but did not expect to have another as I did use the --remove-source-files flag in rsync.

The original directory is just freddyforgetti, but the new one (Im assuming) is freddyforgetti.homedir. Should I delete the old one or will that remove both? Im quite vexed lol.

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Edit; Wonder if this can be of any help to you @freddyforgetti , unless that you checked it already;


I had not seen this specific article yet but my suspicion was they were the same and it has been confirmed.

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Wonder why it happened, I mean 2 same files.Is that after an update !

Or installed from another one as you have s duplicate .

Does not appear to be duplicates with the actual used drive space not representing the total they both would be together but they behave as two realtime mirrored directories. Im wondering if homed does its own mount operations on /home. My homedir and root are on the same partition so this would probably result in weird behavior. Not quite sure what to do about it or if I even should do something. Im afraid if I delete one they’ll both disappear. Somewhat regretting moving to homed as my fingerprint scanner no longer logs me in at boot and spits out a 789 error thats not being resolved at the moment. I tried old solutions to no avail.

Oh, sometimes cleaining it up might screw up the installation.

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Found that link, but I would backup my files before doing anything alike.

So as an update, I will admit I was partially stupid because this is default behavior with homed apparently I just didn’t see that doc at the time of posting. I was troubleshooting like five errors at once all from different components all affecting the usage of my device during a very busy time in my life lol. But I ended up switching back from homed because it broke my fingerprint and when I deleted my .homedir it also deleted the original userdir. I had made a third copy just incase and it was worth it. Happy to be away from homed.

For future readers: don’t delete you user.homedir or user directories.

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Good tip @freddyforgetti .

Guess that we all screwed up in one way or another here & there !

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