Midori with openbox, cant resize window

heya guys, i recently installed midori web browser but it is not working properly when using the default openbox configuration. there is no window border to midori making it impossible to resize the window

You mean by grabbing the window border/corner and resizing?

Try Alt + Mouse3 on the window itself and see if you can drag to resize (Alt + Mouse1 should allow you to move the window).

Does Midori have the rest of the decor?

no midori is missing the white border where the mouse is supposed to let you select the window and resize… that part of the window manager is missing.

So you can’t use Alt + Mouse3 (usually right click) anywhere within the Midori window - i.e near the center - and drag to resize the window? Alt + Mouse3 and Alt + Mouse1 are standard *box key bindings to resize and move a window.

Try with a different openbox theme; I think the ArchLabs default themes have the window grip set to 0 so it’s just a thin 1px border all around.

i dont think it has anything to do with the theme as for example xfce4-terminal has the white border and firefox too…actually all aps have it. jsut midori doesnt

with alt + right mouse does not have to go white border, but on the borwser page, at least with firefox it is so, I can not install midori for little space on this disk.
As soon as I upgrade the usb stick I try with midori.