Midnight Commander

I have a problem with mc - Midnight Commander. From whatever shell I launch it, it immediately gets stuck when I want to change folders inside mc. There’s no log no nothing to know why this happens or what causes it. This happens only in ArchLabs distro. Could you please advise how to solve this.

Running from 2019.01.20 iso install and sys is up to date.

Thank you!

When you change to any folder, or does mc hang at a certain folder or two?

any folder, does not matter am I root or user… or am I on tty or in X

ok this is some default installed ZSH issue, I hard-changed shell to tcsh in passwd and MC works. So some “plugin” with zsh interferes.

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You are probably right. We provide our own zsh theme and none of us use MC. Could be worth filing a bug report?

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OK, it will take me a bit time, still new to this form - bug-reports go also here? This is actually not that much of a problem, I got my root use MC and that’s enough : )

But yeah, will do that.

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I use mc, but I change to my own shell configs for zsh and bash. I couldn’t reproduce this error.

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Created a new user with zsh has the shell to get the default configuration.

mc locks up, but if I change the shell to bash and logout-login mc works as expected.