Midnight commander (mc) repeatedly crashes

I have used mc for many years now and it is rock solid. However, it is simply unusable on AL. I open it, and like most users, I goto layout options to click “lynx like motion”. At that point, it simply hangs. 100% repeatable.
I noticed that Nateji had said there is some issue w/ custom zsh configs etc. and asked someone else w/ a similar (but distinct) problem w/ mc to file bug report. Hence reporting here (can report on some official channel, just don’t know where that would be for AL). Thanks!

Which ISO release of Archlabs you have used to install your OS ?
Earlier this was the problem with MC due to some ZSH configuration, now it works fine

You probably need to refresh your .zshrc

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I don’t remember the exact release, but it was over a year ago. I can’t find previous releases on AL website, and I deleted the ISO I had downloaded.
I will look into the .zshrc. Thanks!

Please use only latest installer to avoid such problem

Recently a new iso has been released with lots of changes

How can I incorporate those changes (for ex: in the zshrc) in my install? My install is updated.

You need to update your .zshrc file

Make a backup of old .zshrc file if you don’t know what impact it will cause

I suggest , keep the configuration only which you would require

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Hi,i just installed it on ISO two years ago. I gave mc from the terminal and it opened, I use it without problems.

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Solution would be to remove ~/.zsh and ~/.zshrc

This hasn’t been an issue for some time, and you can grab the current zshrc after removing the old stuff

rm -rf $HOME/.zsh $HOME/.zshrc
curl -fSL https://bitbucket.org/archlabslinux/iso/raw/8c053a271aecf99ed11c70d0e6550f58ed73631d/archlabs/airootfs/etc/skel/.zshrc -o $HOME/.zshrc

A better option still would be to build up your own rc file and only add things you need as vishnu mentioned.

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