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Midnight Commander gets stuck

When using default zsh shell, Midnight Commander - mc will get stuck/hang whilst changing directories there - happens with any directory. Also happens in tty. Other operations inside mc work, like using function keys to get to menu (F9) or viewing inside files, editing them (F3 & F4). Also hangs if launched with pointing to different directory > mc /etc

Hard-changing the user’s shell to anything else, let’s say tcsh… mc works normally.

Some plugin or setting might be interfering in zsh, can’t place my hand on it yet.

iso install is latest 2019.01.20 and opsys is fully updated.

Thanks for the heads up, we’ve gotten a few issues like this (not specifically MC) and have decided including customised shell configs is not the best way to continue, future releases will use the shell’s defaults.

Regarding the MC issue: I’m fairly sure it’s the shell configuration that is causing it, mc just really doesn’t like fancy things like unicode or zsh colour escapes. The shell defaults are fine though so my simple solution if you want to use zsh would be to start fresh by removing ~/.zsh and ~/.zshrc.

thnx, will do…

I can give you my completion setup script for zsh if you like, that’s the main draw but the default isn’t very setup.

can confirm, removing the zsh directory and conf file cured the issue and mc works fine in vanilla zsh. Thanks natemaia, but I prefer pure shell, no need for configs : )

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mc -u

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yup that will work but subshell is missing then from mc, I personally need it