Microsoft repo installed on Raspberry Pi OS

Microsoft repo secretly installed on all Raspberry Pi’s Linux OS

"In a recent update, the Raspberry Pi OS installed a Microsoft apt repository on all machines running Raspberry Pi OS without the person’s or admin’s knowledge. "

Does it bother you if you have a Raspberry Pi box running?

Does not surprises me at all. Will get worst with time sadly.

It bothers me and I don’t own one.


& I wont own any because of that.

They really shouldn’t put any repos outside of their domain. Instead let a script or have howtos for people unfamiliar with sources.list how to do that.

I would t write off the hardware for that. Y’all could always put arch on it :slight_smile:

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Microsoft’s involvement with anything Linux based concerns me.


They would have put google sources.list too had google made an arm version of chrome. Their posing VS code as their editor of choice. In all laziness they are using Microsoft’s build. It’s a shit move but anyways… the raspberry pi doesn’t come pre installed with a distro. Don’t use the foundations rig. Obviously they have no morals. It’s actually one of the best semi open source boards to date.

I’m just talking about the technical side. Yeah Microsoft in Linux is messed up!!

The worst thing they’ve actually done is backdoored so to speak into systemd-nspawn which most of us have installed which is like docker but built into our init system.

I love systemd btw.

It’s a bad move for sure. For most raspberry pi users, Raspbian is their default choice. So this move impacts so many users.

deletes Raspbian ISO from download folder

I tried to load it on a off brand Pi my nephew bought at a thrift store, booted it on my lappy off a thumb drive to check it out, but back dooring MS is like surprise butt sex, it’s abhorrent.