Microsoft Linux?

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I recall when SuSE did its patent collaboration with MS there was a big riff. When Apple started using Intel chips same thing (word is they will revert soon). Corporations, nations, individuals, and even UFO’s by extrapolation will inherently choose to do what is their own best interest.

Which goes a long way to explaining why a UFO has never landed and mowed my freaking backyard.

Watch this!

Useless Flying Object which is what Microsoft windows turns PC into!:joy:

I want MS to keep the hell away from anything Linux related.

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I’m in total agreement! They will cause more issues than gophers in your yard! Security issues will ensue if Microsoft has anything to do with Linux! It’s already scary that windows 10 is built on top of Linux!

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Is it?

Yep! Look at the following article:

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Windows itself is still base on the .net (I think thats what they call their base isn’t it??) framework? Isn’t that DOS being replaced with Bash?

It’s a convoluted system. But if you can use bash, then windows has linux under the hood. Windows doesn’t use DOS, not the way I remember it, but it uses a small remnant of DOS and .net all linked with linux. You can actually set up the bash system in windows with the latest Ubuntu OS.

That’s the beauty of open source/FOSS. If Microsoft gets too involved, the userbase can fork the software they need and move on.

Be kind of interesting if a group tried to fork the kernel.


The forum br linux (is dying …) had problems in the server and this caused the exclusion of several matters and posts, but there was an article with emails of Linus Torvalds cofirmando the agreement of partnership of kernel linux with microsoft and one of the requirements of Linus and the Linux Foundation was that Microsoft would have to send before use the signed and decrypted patches for the Linux staff to evaluate and release with the appropriate fixes for the use of Microsoft, and Linus warned, Microsoft or any other company will not change the lines of Linux kernel code, Linux used by Microsoft contains its own lines appropriate to that platform, Linux Microsft is not totally open source and the difficulties that this platform has will not reach us, said Linus Torvalds. (the refrain was about viruses and other harmful things)

I never forgot that comment.
Too bad I do not have the link any more, years ago …

From time to time he passes the G + and leaves a message … (on processor failures)


This article is about the WSL…it has nothing to do with Windows 10 being built ontop of Linux.

`One of the biggest surprises at Microsoft’s Build developer conference last year was that the company was building support for the Bash shell on top of an Ubuntu-based Linux subsystem right into Windows 10. This feature launched widely with the release of the Windows 10 Anniversary update and over the course of the last few months, it built upon this project with frequent updates, but it remained Ubuntu -based. As the company announced today, though, it’s now also adding support for OpenSuSE and Fedora, too.` 

Apparently you didn’t see this paragraph.

That is the WSL… but Windows functions with out it…it’s just a tool. If you ripped it out, Windows would still function… I’ve used it in all it’s flavors already. It works more like a VM…

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Maybe I’m not stating the setup correctly. My bad. I have used that setup also in my windows OS as well. The last flavor that I have used was Ubuntu 17.04, and it only had command line no GIU. You can use linux to access Windows files, but you can not go the other way unless you use software that lets you access ext4 partitions.

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In this part the staff of Microsoft was smart, they manage to keep the Winndows inside large companies type servers without making the people abandon Linux, with the subsystem the fudamental tasks do not change.

That’s true, I guess I have to give them that. But here’s their official announcement:

I guess they’re going ahead with their plans to infiltrate the linux world more aggressively.

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Check out: Richard Stallman talks about Microsoft Linux (Azure Sphere OS)

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