Metal and Linux

Hey all:

I’m an Arch Linux user, and I’m downloading the ISO to test out Archlabs. It looks great!

Something that caught my attention is hte number of metalheads who work on this project. I am a metalhead myself (started listening to metal at the age of 10 in 1996 and still going strong), and I thought that linux and metal were not necessarily complementary. But seeing how many people here on this project like metal made me wonder if metalheads use linux more than the average person.

What do you guys think? Is Linux more prevalent among the metal subculture? Or is this just a distro with lots of metalheads, hahaha.

As an aside, I’m listening to the new Visigoth album Conqueror’s Oath as I write this. Great stuff! Other stuff I’m into at the moment: Ne Obliviscaris, Summoning, Gatecreeper, Obituary, Sulphur Aeon, Midnight, Grim Reaper, Metalucifer, Tsjuder, among others. Those are the things at the top of my playlist right now.


Welcome aboard sir!

Part of what you say is true, many of our members are indeed Metalheads, and I think that’s one of the strongest parts of our community. It’s a great reason to get a community started, and unite it.

My personal opinion about the connection between OSes and Music is that pretty much a huge amount of people tend to not only listen to music but also produce music themselves. For years Windows and Mac software were pretty much what everyone would use for that season, but times are slowly changing with OpenSource Music software becoming more and more popular and Sound on Linux becoming better. (That also extends to other “communities” such as Design and Gaming, etc).

Generally if I had to take a wild guess, I’d say that there are not many hetalheads in the Linux community, but a big percentage of the current Linux users are indeed Metalheads.

Anyways, I see you have a great taste in music. You’ll fit right in here :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh I forgot to recommend you some Music.
Listen to Leviathan, if you already have, then do it again. And again.

Hey @Mabus and welcome to the lab. Yeah, there’s a lot of tinheads around here to be sure. I’ve found a link between linux users and music in general to be fairly strong, whether it’s metal or another expression of musical taste… It’s all good.

@Mabus, welcome to ArchLabs fellow Metalhead :metal:

For some reason ArchLabs attracts Metalheads, not sure why. I do know a lot of people like us, who are a bit more techier seem to be into stuff like Metal, Science, Atheism all that sort of Jazz.

I did see a comment many months ago saying that this particular person would never use ArchLabs as he thinks Metlaheads are hard to integrate with. I have never really clashed with a fellow Metalhead, we are a welcoming bunch of fellows and I believe, quite forward thinking. So that comment struck me as quite strange, to judge a person by their music taste doesn’t say much about the person doing the judging.

I personally got into Metal at around 16 which makes it about '95. Before that I was utterly obsessed with anything pertaining to Queen and Pink Floyd. The first 4 Queen albums are still in my top 10 albums of all time, Roger Taylor the drummer is among my God list alongside his holiness Robert Plant and Mr James Hetfield. Tomas Haake from Meshuggah is on the list also, I actually named my youngest son after him, but Robert, Roger and James are the ultimate Metal and Rock gods in my opinion.

Anyway enough babbling, welcome again.

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Thanks so much for the warm welcome!

I’m really impressed with the distro–I installed it on a laptop and am really enjoying it.

Yes, I’m a Leviathan fan. Great stuff. Some BM I’ve been listening to lately: Doedsvangr, Satan ov Suns. I’m not usually a fan of BM with good production, but this is great stuff. Sombres Forets, Royaume de Glace. Great Quebecois atmospheric BM. And I’ve really found myself returning to an old love: A Blaze in the Northern Sky. I still remember buying the CD around 1998. There was a metal record store in Colorado Springs–where I’m from–called Mosh Pit Records. I bought it, De Mysteriis dom Sathanas, and Opeth’s Orchid. Those were some of my first real metal albums. They blew my mind hahaha.


Leviathan are some good stuff. Definetly one of the best USBM bands around right now.

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I noticed in the first few days that I was in the forum. I liked meeting other bands on the planet I didn’t know.
Although I was a little punk boy, my older brother always had metal vinyls and blackmetal. I found in those rhythms and in those deep atmospheres an emotional refuge in a difficult town.

At home my girlfriend puts rap and flamenco music and I put metal and hardcore. It’s a curious mixture. :heart:


It’s punk! hahaha… :+1:

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