Messed up my BIOS - Can't Boot

Dell Inspiron 7300

For the past few days when booting I had been receiving a warning screen from BIOS that there was something wrong with my battery. Since I never use the laptop outside my home anyway, I ignored it. Until yesterday when I decided to see what it was about. Went into BIOS (F2), didn’t see any obvious ways/things to correct the alleged issue so I clicked Restore Settings (I think - uh oh) and continued. Later in the day I realized that there was no battery problem - the AC adapter had just become partially unplugged from the laptop.

This morning when I try to boot, I get the screen shown in the attached pic that I took with my phone. Scrolling to any of those items and then hitting Enter does nothing - the system won’t boot.

Any suggestions for a fix?

Think back. Do you recall having to change something in the BIOS for the original Linux install? May have switched that setting when you restored the BIOS settings.

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Try to reset the BIOS to the way it was.

DL MX Linux Workstation:

write it to a thumb drive

use Gparted to look at the drive to see what you might learn.

use Boot Repair Tool

A very handy tool to keep on hand.

Good luck, and let us know how it turns out.

I really can’t recall. I changed OS many times on this ASUS backup computer I’m using now but only once on the Dell when I installed Archlabs.

Thanks. I will download that and give it try, athough I have such little experience/knowledge that I’m not sure what I will be looking for.

My Menu is different than the stock one, but you’ll find it.
I think it’s just a BIOS setting that off.


In bios try turning off uefi and turn on legacy support [edit] or vice versa

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In the Boot List Option box, only the UEFI option is live; the Legacy is greyed out.

That is a VERY different menu than what I have downloaded:

When MX boots up, move up to MX 21.1. hit enter.

LOL, nice reflection

OK found it but in order to get into gParted and Boot Repair it’s asking for a user password, which I don’t have since I haven’t installed and I’m running off the USB.

mx linux install guide

Default passwords

  • user demo: demo
  • user root: root

OK got it. Still no luck. Sorry for the huge pix size but I don’t have anything on this computer to scale them down:


MX Boot Repair

Boot MX Workbench. Open a terminal and enter lsblk to list the drives. Post a pic.

Also; While workbench is up, open File Manager and see if you can access the drive. You may need to enter the workbench password. If you can see the drive, plug in a second thumb drive and copy any important files to the second thumb drive.

File manager shows the folder names that I created but no content in any of them.

I’m stumped. I hope you had backups. It makes no sense that sda1 is an iso9660 file type (CDs and DVDs are iso9660) Hopefully someone else can figure it out.

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Thanks for your help and suggestions. I’m puzzled too. It would seem that I did not wipe the complete OS and hard drive because my file folders (empty) are still accessible. I will take it into a local repair service that I think are pretty knowledgeable and see what they can make of it.

All of my important files are either backed up on USB or stored in the cloud at various places so not much will be lost if I do have to reinstall. Just a lot of annoyance and wasted time.

Try super grub2 it will bring up any installed system on the drive and helpfully you can boot to it.

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Good call, saved my butt several times in the past when distro hopping !