Messed up desktop - weird colours

Unfortunately it’s not just the strange colours,selecting another window manager or desktop is not working either.
You can edit lightdm.conf and reboot every time you want to switch,but it is a pain in the neck to keep doing that.

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Copy the lightdm files from iso live to leave everything default, when I had an error I did so and it worked, but in this case it was a mistake of mine, I forgot to comment a line in .conf and the system was just grub

How to fix it?

More details here on the issue too,

This is a strange one,mine was only on the login screen,but the text on the screen at logout was all broken and spread randomly across the screen until the next update of mesa,that was in both Archlabs and Arch.
But I did change the compton config and used my own one when I installed Archlabs,but would compton actually be running at login?