Messed up desktop - weird colours

Anyone else had this issue:


Looks like it is compton causing the issue.

Confirmed it is compton that caused my issue. Replaced my old config with the current AL config and issue was sorted.

So far I just had a curiosity with the AL, yesterday I received a kernel upgrade and it was the slowest download I’ve ever seen, about 67 MBs in almost 1 hour!!

Other than that, so far everything is in order.

I noticed yesterdays update was unusually slow. It wasnt that painfully slow for me though. Maybe an extra couple of minutes longer to wait.

I found it strange because for Brazilian internet standards my signal is not bad and any other action in the terminal is always fast, but I let the system do the part of it and everything is 100%.

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I do not have the problem of the kernel update, since I stopped at 4.8.14.:grinning:

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I’m in 4.15.15-1, and it was not really a problem, just a slowdown in the servers … I think, the previous kernel came as fast as a jpeg image

It happened to me on the LOGIN screen using archlabs in vmware (virtual machine).

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Really? Did it persist to the desktop?

Only on login screen. It has bright colors, yellow, orange. I’ll take a screenshot tomorrow. On the desktop it is normal. I am using vmware v14.

even I was able to login but on normal installation after making the updates I found myself with the image changed strange colors and could not click on the settings to change desktop, I solved by reinstalling grub but it worked only when I reinstalled ligtdm … (sorry for my english is not my mother tongue) :yum:

I forgot I also had permission issues after reinstalling those packages


Host system? :thinking:

Windows 10 64bits

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Yes, I also use it, I still have an installation here (I was kidding … hahaha)
Did you try with Virtual Box?

I have not tested it yet. I’m going to format this machine and put Windows 10 RS3 64bits, and I’ll try again. But I’ll do it next week. So I use it and test it in Oracle. Could it be that it’s not because of my video card? I think she has a problem (the pc reboots on its own, sometimes drizzle on the screen), I have to change it.

Before formatting it would be good to test the system without the video card (onboard only), who knows a cleaning in the components (contacts) can help, or use a different driver…

Restart compton and let me know what happens

I had the same problem,it’s the pantheon-greeter causing it,something in recent updates seems to have corrupted it,mine was trying to use configuration files that don’t exist?
It is easily solved though,just make sure you have lightdm-gtk-greeter installed,and LightDM GTK+ Greeter settings if you want to tweak it.
Then go to /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf and change ‘greeter-session=pantheon-greeter’ to ‘greeter-session=lightdm-gtk-greeter’ and it should solve your problem.

Just wanted to report that I’m also having those weird colors pop up when I logout. It’s not a biggie to me as I don’t really spend if at all but a few seconds staring at the screen.