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Merry Christmas from ArchLabs (2019 Edition)

Merry Christmas too all. I hope everyone stays safe and has an awesome time with their family and loved ones.

I’m looking forward to a few things over the coming days:

  • Being with my family
  • Drinking many, many beers
  • Eating my Mums amazing Christmas pudding
  • Glazing, cooking and eating our traditional family ham.
  • Drinking many, many more beers, especially alongside my partner in crime and fellow beer drinker, Poppa Dobbie
  • Going to watch the final Star Wars movies with the two coolest sons in the world, Jakob and Tomas.
  • Not going to work
  • Cooking and consuming a number of BBQ’d meals
  • Drinking more beer.

Catch you all up.


Hahahaha I feel that.

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Merry Christmas @Dobbie03 @natemaia & everyone !

Have a great one out there.

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Beer and some vodka on my schedule (mostly herbal tinctures). I’ve also spotted a bottle of Metaxa under the xmas tree. :slight_smile:

Merry Christmas to everyone!

I don’t celebrate Christmas but to those that celebrate it…Have a great Christmas and wishing all Archlabbers a Happy New Year 2020 in advance :).

Enjoy vacations and have a good time @Dobbie03, @natemaia, @nwg, @altman and everybody else :slight_smile:


I also desire a very Merry Christmas for you all.